Camp kittenpants


Camp Kittenpants is a comedy writers' retreat

The annual event is designed to bring together a diverse group of funny writers to hang out, tell stories and have a good time, without any big city distractions. If this interaction leads to new ideas, partnerships or friendships–even better.

Campers can look forward to 72 hours of goofing off, eating and drinking, playing games and some silly creative exercise, like having a one-minute-film festival or putting on a talent show.

The location of camp changes to fit the needs of the campers. Sorry, I don't mean to imply that it's magic—it doesn’t grow or shrink on command. What I mean is, we look for a space that’s big enough to accommodate the group, with plenty of bedrooms and bathrooms and shared recreational space. We also take travel time and cost into consideration when choosing a space each year.

Camp Kittenpants 2019 is being held in Texas probably? It is mostly closed to new registrants but if you want you can ask me about it.