Interview: Double Dong + Wyld Lixx

MAR 2002.
KP Issue XVII: Mein Spacecamp


Take everything good about glam, add a touch of human beatbox, hug it, then put your hand on it's ass, and you've got something close to a DD+WL show. Plus they're so pretty! I want to make out with all of them. Simultaneously.

kp: How did DD+WL form?
We met at the Bear Mountain Men's Meeting in the woods of Wisconsin two years ago. Fur Coat assembled a motley force of bold young Lixx to stiffen The Dong. Harrison, Justin Timberlixx, and Mr. Beautiful would provide the power to fuel a rising shaft of dongblood. It is a shaft that pleases many. It is a Fellowship of Men with the common goal of gaining Indecent Proposals (I.D.P.s) for enhanced lovemaking.

kp: Is there a songwriter or two or many? Who has final say at the end of the day?
We all write. Final say? I guess that’s whoever’s on top or finishes last.

kp: Which member makes the best Mexican food?
Fur Coat sucks a mean burrito.

kp: Which member has the longest member?
How about y’all cum over and measure us? Bring a yardstick.

kp: What do you think of these bands:

  • The Upper Crust
    Wigs are for women. Bald women.

  • Corn Mo

  • The Langley Schools Music Project
    We don’t go with kidz.

  • INXS
    We’re sending them three more nooses.

  • Led Zepplin
    Great chests, great hair, great ROCK. Great package.

  • Run DMC
    Fresh. You have no idea.

kp: At the show we attended, Ghostkrabb gave some special attention to the girl standing next to me, and later to another guy. Has anyone ever given you a hard time about that after a show--maybe they were embarrassed and got mad?
Yes, we have made some people uncomfortable. They want us to be something we’re not: straight, bi, she-male, gay, whatever.

kp: Have you had a bad show?
Fur Coat asked a girl in the audience to hold his coat. She threw it on the floor because she was vegan. Fur Coat cried the entire show. Poor little guy.

kp: How much ass do you get?
All the way up into the small intestine.

kp: Where's the best place to get drinks in Brooklyn?

kp: If I file you under "fantasy" how would I cross-reference you?
"FUFing", as we call it, is a mental process, akin to scientology.

kp: Is Aldo Nova in the same file? Piers Anthony?
This file is encrusted in old astro-glide--simply unreadable!

kp: Do you have any questions for kittenpants?
I wanna fuck you. I guess that’s not a question. But, I really want to fuck you really hard. All night long.
kp: Awesome.

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