Interview: Eddie Deezen

SEP 2001.
KP Issue XII: Punk Rock Bitches Kicked My Ass

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kp: Thanks for letting me interview you! You're swell! Are you feeling better?
No, I still am having a very hard time falling asleep. It is bad.
kp: Iā€™m sorry.
Thank you for asking.

kp: You're like, the quintessential nerd actor of the 80's (and beyond). And of course, I mean that in a good way. What's that like?
It is actually very nice, but every once in a while you can meet a cruel person. I have met tens of thousands of nice and great and sweet people and ninety nine and a half per cent are very nice. But I guess that is the story of life.

kp: I guess you are best known as "Eugene" in GREASE (I & II). What's been your favorite nerd to play?
Eugene is the most famous because of GREASE, but my favorite is definitely Ringo Klaus of I WANNA HOLD YOUR HAND.

kp: Who's your favorite nerd played by another actor?
Jerry Lewis in THATS MY BOY, and Buster Keaton in many of his early films, actually Charles Martin Smith in AMERICAN GRAFITTI was the first real nerd of the new batch, I just took the ball and ran with it.

kp: On THE SIMPSONS, who's the better nerd: Martin or Millhouse?
Since the girl who plays Millhouse is a great pal of mine, I will choose her, she is a doll.

kp: Now that SAVED BY THE BELL has been canceled and Screech is gone, who do you think will carry the nerd torch?
I actually auditioned for the role of Screech years ago.
kp: Oh my God!
I have no idea who will carry the torch.

kp: Okay - enough nerd questions. Your Beatles trivia contest is killer! How great was it to be in I WANNA HOLD YOUR HAND?
It was such a blast and Bob Zemeckis was the best director I have ever worked with.

kp: Did you make out with Nancy Allen?
No, unfortunately (for her).

kp: Is Brian De Palma jealous of you? Is that why he didn't cast you as Elliot Ness in THE UNTOUCHABLES?
I beat De Palma in a pool game one day and he never forgave me.
kp: I knew it! Have you ever met a Beatle?
I actually touched Paul McCartney when his car drove over my foot at N.B.C. I saw George in person when I was playing Santa Claus at the Beverly Center. I saw Ringo in concert in Atlantic City.

kp: So did I! What is your favorite Beatles record?
ed: [Choosing] my favorite Beatles song is like choosing the most beautiful girl in the world. I love Ticket To Ride, I Should Have Known Better, A Hard Day's Night and Hey Bulldog.

kp: Was it fun to be the voice of "Pop" in the Rice Krispies commercial?
[It] was a blast and Kelloggs pays real well.

kp: Can you give us any dirt on Snap and Crackle?
Snap was a great guy, Crackle was a out in Chicago so I never met him.

kp: Do you even like Rice Krispies?
Yes, I love them with half and half and bananas.

kp: Can you tell us any good stories about making MIDNIGHT MADNESS?
Michael J. Fox was a great guy and Pee Wee Herman was a great guy. So was Stephen Furst and David Naughton. It was the only film I ever did where I had two directors.

kp: If I write a buddy-cop screenplay as a vehicle for Michael Jeter and Jeremy Piven, will you star as the angry Police Chief?

kp: Do you have any questions for kittenpants?
God, how did you ever get such a cool nickname?
kp: Magic.

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