Me3 Podcast

Coast to Coast conversations, continued.


EPisode 6: Baron Vaughn

December 7, 2011. Uh-oh! Actor and comedian Baron Vaughn (Grace and Frankie) has put us all in musical danger. We Skype-speaked (we did not “skeet”) Baron from Canada, where he was shooting season 2 of Fairly Legal, a lawyer-show on the televisions. 

If you’ve listened all the way to the end of each episode, after the theme song ends, you know we like to add a little tag on each one–a callback to something fun from the episode. This one makes us laugh especially hard.


Episode 7: Chris Flemmons

January 4, 2012. Our friend, musician and kickass festival-founder, Chris Flemmons, joins us in this episode. We ask Chris about his band, The Baptist Generals and make him tell the story of how his father became an accidental pallbearer at Lee Harvey Oswald’s funeral. We talk about 35 Denton, the annual music and arts festival that Chris founded, and touch a little on break ups and shake ups and midlife wake ups.

We had a tech difficulty which corrupted a piece of the audio, so you won’t get to hear Lisa make up the band name “Weebelo Disaster.” But take our word for it–it was funny and we all laughed a lot.

In addition, we talk about talking about anal sex but we never actually talk about it. This episode is anally disappointing, but fun and fascinating in all other respects.


Episode 8: Matt Tobey

January 25, 2012. In episode 8, we interview Matt Tobey: a very funny writer, a human person and the editor of the Comedy Central Insider blog. Matt tells us about blogging before there were blogs. Lisa plays Words with Friends. Darci reminds Matt of the World’s Most Delicious Prank. We also cover giraffes, Bon Scott, and more Harry Potter talk than anyone ever expected.


Episode 9: Shelby Fero

February 20, 2012. If you haven’t seen Shelby on or Hello Giggles, then perhaps you’re one of her 65 bajillion Twitter followers? Or else this will be your introduction to Shelby and you’ll probably love her as much as we did. There’s only one way to know for sure, so start downloading.

We’re only slightly mortified to admit that the conversation topics did include, in large part, dieting and lady parts. I guess women really do be talking about periods sometimes, right? But if you’re brave enough to listen, we also discuss sci-fi movies, sandwiches and that time one of us accidentally took ecstasy at a wedding reception.

This episode is dedicated to the late, great Wild Bill Ivy, who would have turned 40 today. xoxoxo


Episode 10: Bex Schwartz

August 2, 2012. And we’re back. First with this, one of two “lost episodes” that we’re finally getting around to posting. In Episode 10, Lisa and Darci enjoy a lovely conversation with VH1’s Bex Schwartz about casseroles and acting classes and cat jizz and “Peter and the Wolf.” If that’s not enough to convince you it’s worth a listen, then maybe you’d like to know the secrets of Paula Abdul’s kitchen, and whether or not MC Skat Cat lives there? Download, plug in and find out for yourself!