Me3 Podcast

Coast to Coast conversations, continued.


EPisode 11: Franky Pelvis

Aug 13, 2012. Do you know how many things need to converge in order to make a “perfect storm”? Franky Pelvis does. In this episode he speaks to us about his early days in New York City, how he leveraged his skills as a friend vampire to work his way into it’s dirty punk music scene, and how he found political comedy writing to be both inspiring and disappointing.

Darci introduces this episode as “Episode 12” (whoops!) and Lisa starts to sing the Adam Sandler “Sloppy Joe” song (Whoops!) and we had a few technical difficulties that occasionally make it sound like we are interviewing a robot (PERFECT STORM OF WHOOPS).

But in the UNWHOOPS column, we invent a shot called the COULIER and we give you a little ear candy. The episode ends with a clip of “Prisons,” performed by Franky Pelvis and the Affections.


Episode 12: Matt Pence

August 23, 2012. Lisa and Darci speak to Matt Pence, mostly known as (the greatest? the greatest.) drummer from bands like Centro-matic and South San Gabriel. And, sure, we discuss music and other creative pursuits, but we also talk about True Blood, Matt’s theory about women (“you’re gonna love this”), and our common obsession with Bill Cosby: Himself (update: OOF.)

We exit this ep with a clip of “Take a Rake” by Centro-matic.

In other news, we’re switching up our format a little, which we discuss plenty in the episode so I’ll spare you the details here. But have a listen and let us know what you think!


Episode 13: Eric Ledgin

September 04, 2012. This week, Lisa and Darci get lucky–it’s lucky episode #13!

Our guest, director and Emmy Award-winning writer Eric Ledgin, speaks to us about his time at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (including the night he danced with Jon Hamm). We also discuss how to finish projects, whether or not it’s cool to be late, morning wood, and how Aaron Sorkin ruined Rudy (“Ruined-y”).

Don’t let us give away all the surprises. Shove it into your earmouths and find out all our secrets!


Episode 14: Sofiya Alexandra

September 11, 2012. Our guest, comedian Sofiya Alexandra, talks with us about emigrating from Russia as a kid, the prevalence of Yakov jokes and the hilarious inspiration of an all-in-one printer. We get a surprise visit from an old  friend (Suzanne Somers’ old lady cleavage) and a new friend. Join us as we giggle a ton, sing about friendship and make more conversation about vaginae than you can shake a stick in.


Episode 15: Dennis DiClaudio

September 28, 2012. We called our pal Dennis DiClaudio on Sept 11, to talk to him about blogging for Comedy Central Indecision and writing books like The Hypochondriac’s Pocket Guide…The Deviant’s Pocket Guide…The Paranoid’s Pocket Guide… and Man vs Weather. But mostly we talked about our favorite movies and weird religious stuff. Plus, we found out about Lisa’s love of glossaries and hobbits and how Darci’s new dog got the name Pony! Poni! Pone!