Me3 Podcast

Coast to Coast conversations, continued.


EPisode 16: Ahm76

October 16, 2012. Ahm is your new favorite stranger, soon to be friend. She is superb at arranging her thoughts into words and has two podcasts: The One Four Oh and My Favorite Stranger.

In this episode we cover the 6 Ps of life: poop, podcasts, probability, pudendums, parents and profanity. Also, Lisa gets bathed in blood, which is a euphemism for being wrong (don’t look that up).


Episode 17: Martine Iles

October 29, 2012. Hey, buddies! We’ve got Martin Iles on this episode of Me Three and that means three things: weird stories, smooth jam singalongs and the kind of laffs that make you snort.

We talk to Martin about his work as an artist and “reluctant director” of the Good/Bad Art Collective, the infamous and legendary group of artists that once built an incredible weirdo-factory in a small Texas town. And we learn a lot about moles. Moles and magic. Moles and magic and Mad Magazine.

All in a day’s work, right?


Episode 18: Travon Free

November 13, 2012. The ABCs of Travon Free:

Actor. Black. Compton. Daily ShowEasy on the eyes. Funny. Gentlemen’s RantHeterosexualishIncredibly tall. Jokes around. Kills it. Long Beach State. Male. NYC. OhioPoseQriminal Justice degree. Racistless. Space shuttles. TRAVON. Uh…get on board already. Viking (maybe). What else? Xenagogue. Yankees. Zero tolerance for micropenises.

Travon Free, now with more Travon.


Episode 19: Simon SMithson

November 26, 2012. Our first “internacional” interview in which we cross three time zones and speak to a guest FROM THE FUTURE!

In this episode, Lisa and Darci speak to the dashing comedy writer, Simon Smithson, of Melbourne, Australia. Simon tells us of his brief career in reality-TV-romance and explains the term “sepp” to our horror (yikes!). Lisa tells Kirk Cameron where he can go. Darci reminds us of the difference between hunks and dunks. It’s all three of us at our most charming and delightful. Don’t believe us? Give it a listen and decide for yourself.


Episode 20: Geoff WOlinetz

December 28, 2012. It’s a very special episode of Me Three, in which we all learn a lesson about the dangers of hitchhiking or bullying or what happens when you let the owner of a bicycle shop give your friend Dudley a bath.

Our very belated one-year-anniversary and 20th episode features our guest, Geoff Wolinetz, co-founder of Yankee Pot Roast (the comedy blog, not the entree), and co-author of Underrated: The Yankee Pot Roast Book of Awesome Underappreciated Stuff. In just under 45 minutes, Lisa invents Psychic Fan Fiction, Geoff fulfills his wish to be a Pyramid contestant (sort of) and Darci reminisces about an amazing, Swayze-inspired off-off-Broadway production.


Episode 21: Gabe Delahaye

March 5, 2013. 

We began 2013 (or 20,013, according to Lisa) by talking to one of our favorite funny writers, Gabe Delahaye, Sr. Editor of Videogum and sometimes filmmaker with his buddy Max.

Oh my gosh this episode.

Let us first apologize and warn you that, at times, the audio cutouts are a little annoying. We’re sorry. When it gets bad, hang on and I promise you it gets better. Mostly.

Secondly, were we on glue? Our time away seems to have made us unable to form an articulate statement or question of any kind. As a result, we inundated Gabe with a lot of rambly rambles dressed up as conversation. What a way to start out the year “23!” Our guest handled it like a champ and it was a lot of fun.

Episode 21 corrections and clarifications:

  1. The Japanese dog, “Hachikō” was an Akita Inu, not a Shiba Inu like Birdie.
  2. The Big Chill was set in South Carolina, but the characters met at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Ted Nugent is from Detroit but lives in Texas now.
  3. The year is 2013 (two-thousand-thirteen).

BONUS: here is an outtake from the episode in which we talk about underpants. You're welcome.