Me3 Podcast

Coast to coast conversations with comedians, writers, musicians and friends. Hosted by Darci Ratliff and Lisa Beth Johnson. 



October 18, 2011. In our first episode we interview author, The Onion staff writer and possible Meat Loaf fan Jason Roeder. Lisa learns a valuable lesson about pre-interview research and Darci shares a valuable lesson about chlamydia. Our brand new podcast theme music is revealed, brought to you by the very wonderful Dütch Treäts. Fun!


Episode 2: Mike Wiebe

October 18, 2011. In this episode we speak to Riverboat Gamblers front man and Cindy Crawford’s back man, Mike Wiebe. We discover the truth about toilet fires, Ryan Gosling, unrequited love and more, all while offending almost everyone. Sorry, everyone.


Episode 3: Doug Mellard

October 18, 2011. We caught up with comedian, former Austinite and frequent naked person, Doug Mellard, just two days before retirement, and dragged him into a dangerous and dark conversation about Scott Bakula and turtle sex. Will he survive? Will we? Will YOU? Or are we all getting a little too old for this shit?


Episode 4: Virginia Jones

October 27, 2011. In this installment we welcome a stand-up comic, lay-down goth and our first human lady guest.It’s a Clam-Jam! Comedian and Portlandian, Virginia Jones, joins us. And, yes, we talk about comedy and funny women. More importantly, we discuss what Lisa learned about sex from a horse.


Episode 5: Stephen Schneider

November 12, 2011.

We return for a conversation with Stephen Schneider who you may recognize from BFFs, Broad City, You're the Worst, and more. We have a ton of laughs with Steve, talking about everything from building forts to disguising farts, and in the process, discover how much it costs to get Alan Alda out of bed. Also, Darci time-travels and Lisa teaches you how to steal a lipstick!